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Description: Currently a senior lecturer in public health and the University of Sunderland which is part of the regional Fuse network of public health research and knowledge translation. I undertook public health specialist training through the UK Faculty of Public Health Training Programme (in South West England) and am a full fellow of the Faculty of Public Health and their regional representative for North East England. I also work with the public health department at Sunderland City Council on a part time basis, mainly around alcohol harm reduction. I am a regular contributor to the Fuse Open Science Blog (see below for links). I also believe that there is an under-explored potential for using humour in public health messages, so regularly perform stand-up comedy with a public health theme: ResearchGate Profile: Fuse blog articles: 1. A Prescription for tackling riskier drinking: FUSE Open Science Blog, Jan 2017 2. Should Nanny be in charge of the tuck-shop (and off-licence)? FUSE Open Science Blog, Jan 2016: 3. A Munich alcohol gathering with a difference: FUSE Open Science Blog, June 2015: