Areas of Interest: Availability,Licensing,conflicts of interest,Brief Intervention,Pharmacological intervention,Drink driving,Drinking guidelines,Gender

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Description: I specialise in alcohol policy research and have broad interests within that field. I lead or am involved in several alcohol policy evaluations including: - ExILEnS - a mixed-methods study of the impact of public health engagement in alcohol premises licensing in England and Scotland; - Under the Limit - a qualitative study of unintended consequences of the reduction in Scotland's drink drive limit - Minimum Unit Pricing - two studies evaluating the impact of MUP in small retailers and in youth/binge drinkers - Several studies of self report and biochemical methods of identifying alcohol use in pregnancy. I am interested in the language used to discuss alcohol problems and policies and how it impacts on public and policymaker attitudes. I am leading the IDEA (Identifying & DEscribing Arguments) project which is developing a systematic typology of the frames (claims or arguments) found in the alcohol policy literature. This study, funded by CRUK, will facilitate systematic framing analysis of future bodies of data such as consultation responses etc. and training/education on this issue. I am interested in how financial conflicts of interest affect science and practice in public health, and have done work focused on nalmefene (a drug for alcohol dependence); and COI management in research. I am open to collaboration with others interested in taking forward research in these fields, or to prospective research students interested in any of these issues