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The Alcohol Toolkit Study The Alcohol Toolkit Study (ATS) was established in 2014 with School for Public Health Research (SPHR) funding and involved monthly household surveys of representative samples of the adult population in England. The survey collected comprehensive information across 36 consecutive months from over 60,000 people on alcohol consumption and harm (AUDIT), which was contextualised by data on a range of alcohol-related behaviour and socio-demographic characteristics. The project was a collaborative effort between four SPHR members (UCL, University of Bristol, University of Sheffield and University of Newcastle) involving 26 contributors from the SPHR collaboration, PHE, Department of Health and other collaborating institutions. CRUK have contributed a substantial investment (~£600,000) to fund the most expensive feature of the survey - the AUDIT - for a further five years until 2022, and SPHR2 will fund additional questions for another 18 months while further funding is sought. Please contact Jamie Brown @ UCL for further details, or see the website ( alcohol surveys, Policy evaluation, public health jamie.brown
United States National Alcohol Survey Series The Alcohol Research Group (ARG) has conducted a series of cross-sectional National Alcohol Surveys (NAS) of the adult (age 18 and older) US population at approximately 5-year intervals since the 1960s, with considerable standardization of measurement methods since 1979 (the 6th NAS or N6).  Although not unique in conducting repeated surveys including alcohol questions, the NAS has the longest time frame with commensurate, detailed alcohol use pattern and problem measures, which now extends over 35 years covered by 8 nationally-representative surveys (N6 to N13), with the most recent survey conducted during 2014 and early 2015. NAS datasets and codebooks for N6 through N12 (2010) are available at no charge from the ARG website: Requests for N13 data will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis, as analyses using this survey are ongoing under various current grants to ARG Scientists.   The data request form can be found here: For more information, please contact Study Director Dr. Kate Karriker-Jaffe (who can be found on this site). alcohol problem, alcohol surveys, alcohol use, epi kkarrikerjaffe